BEST OF PAMO… from 2011

About Time ~ March 2011

A story about time management.

When Jeff and I first met I didn’t know he was, what I lovingly call, time conscious.

It was a few months later when we had plans to meet some friends for dinner that I got my first clue. I caught sight of Jeff in the driveway waiting on me. He paced back and forth behind the car, holding his clenched fists to his side while mumbling to himself.

I flung open the door and ran out to meet him. Right in front of my eyes he transformed into calm, non harried Jeff, a man without a care.

I gave him a quick nod and smile. “I’m ready.” And we walked to the passenger side of the car.

I dipped down into my seat and Jeff shut the door. That’s when I heard him say, “Thank you Lord.”

He plopped into the driver side and I tried to mirror his calm facade. I said, “Would it be better for you if next time we left fifteen minutes earlier?”

Smooth as can be, he said, “Whatever you think honey.”

After awhile the fifteen minute leeway wasn’t enough. One day I spied him standing by the door, keys in hand, and his head hung down between his shoulders.

I grabbed my coat and bag and rushed to him. “You know, maybe we could leave thirty minutes earlier than we scheduled.”

A gush of wind flew from his mouth as the red color faded from his face. “Whatever you think honey.”

Now twenty years later, when we get ready to go somewhere we start planning early in the day. For example, last week, we decided to go to the Time Warp Tea Room, a casual hangout in the old part of town, a five minute motorcycle ride from our house.

I gave Jeff a sideways glance. “What time are we leaving?”

“Five-thirty.” Jeff sounded so sure but I knew better.

“Five-thirty? For real five-thirty?”

“Uh, yeah, uh… five-fifteen.”

I put my hands on my hips and cocked my head to one side. “What time do you want to be there?”

“I’d like to be there at five-thirty.”

“So you want to leave at five?” I should get points for teasing this out of him.

“Yeah, okay. Let’s make it four-forty-five.”

I laughed and threw up my hands. “I’ll be ready at four-thirty.”

“Oh, no hurry. Four-thirty is fine.”

I don’t really mind showing up at places early or in our case, extra early. But I can tell you what happens after our early arrival. We wait on everyone else to get there. And then, we wait on everyone who is running late to get there.



I think all art deserves a title. When I post a comic here on my blog, the title is the icing on top. The title is my final chance to get my point across to the viewer. Some titles are harder to come by than others.

For almost a week, I’ve been trying to think of a title for this comic. Putt Putt Power came to me at the last minute as I was uploading the comic for this post. It refers to the power of a game of putt putt to lift your mood. You know, in case that wasn’t clear.

For the past week, I’ve also been writing an introduction for Pamo’s World. A short paragraph telling readers what Pamo’s World is about. Writing an introduction summing up Pamo’s World is like trying to water flowers with a vegetable strainer.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

Pamo’s World is a comic about getting along in life. At Pamo’s World you’ll find motorcycles, talking cats, and LOTS of chocolate. But really- it’s all about Pamo.

I don’t know. I’m still working on it. I think I need more chocolate.

Until next toon,




I’m writing this on Sunday evening about twelve hours before the post goes live.

This time last year, I might have decided it didn’t matter if I fulfilled my commitment to post on Monday. I might have plopped in a Murder She Wrote DVD and vegged out in front of the TV with a diet coke and a handful of Hershey’s Kisses. I could forget my pledge to post on some self prescribed schedule and back it up with logical excuses.

The next day, a few of my regular readers would notice my missing post but most wouldn’t. Life would go on. And when I finally did get around to posting, a whole slew of you would give me supportive That’s okay, we’ll still be here comments. (Don’t deny it. I’ve written a boatload of those comments myself.)

I would read your comments and tell myself it really didn’t matter that I missed my deadline, while a little voice inside me would scream- AMATEUR. That little voice would be right. And if I allow myself to be an amateur, then the commitment I break is to myself. As a pro, I can’t tolerate that. Yes, I consider myself a pro. There- I said it.

So instead, I’ll sit at my keyboard and pound out a post while listening to Columbo on MeTV. It’s an episode I’ve seen too many times and can no longer watch with purpose. Perfect for distracting me from my own anxiety at writing to you, my reader.

This week is my fourth consecutive month of posting a twice weekly webcomic. Originally, I intended the comic to be the main attraction of the post. Pop over, read the comic, and go on with your day. But after many years of writing narrative, it’s a joy I can not quit.

When I first announced four months ago that I had committed to this dream of producing a twice weekly webcomic, my amateur self said I would do it until it became too much, until the process was a drudge, until I simply chose not to do it anymore. It was the actual committing to the commitment that changed everything.

My ambition has been activated. My insecurity has diminished. Plus, I’m having one hell of a good time.

So I’ll read this through a few more times. I’ll add and delete and rework awhile. Then I’ll schedule this post to go live on Monday morning at 8:00 am EST. And then I’ll begin to plan my next one. So buckle your seat belts… the rides not over by a long shot.

Until next toon,


p.s. If you want to read more about turning pro, I highly recommend Steven Pressfield’s book, Turning Pro.

p.p.s. Don’t forget to visit me and an entire slew of talented cartoonists over at Comx Box right HERE.



Perhaps the funniest thing about this comic is it’s true. It was one of Jeff’s crazy good one-liners that comes natural to him. He doesn’t bother to consider that this ability to squeeze out something funny from not much at all is a gift.

After he said this to me and after I stopped laughing I knew I had to make it into a comic. Jeff didn’t think it would translate so we beta tested it on Mr. Brown the UPS driver. (His name isn’t really Mr. Brown, but Jeff calls all UPS drivers Mr. Brown because all UPS trucks are brown.) Try to keep up.

Actually I beta tested it on Mr. Brown because Jeff was convinced no one else would think it was funny. So Mr. Brown came hauling in another box and I shouted out without stops… I told Jeff he needed a minion to do his bidding and Jeff said he had one but I hadn’t really worked out. Pause….

Then Mr. Brown began a slow chuckle as his face turned pink, then red, then tears formed behind his glasses. I turned to Jeff and yelled, “See?! It’s funny!”

So at that point Jeff had to concede that it was indeed funny. Sheesh! And you thought my life was easy.

I’ll end this post with a photo of Jeff I took Wednesday while on a ride. Look carefully at his pants. I told you- the man has the gift of funny and he doesn’t even try.

Funny pants indeed!

Funny pants indeed!

Until next toon,




We went for a ride last week. During that ride, I learned of Jeff’s obsession with emergency water. You see, I didn’t realize fear of running out of water on our ride was a thing.

Lately he’s been watching vintage Gunsmoke episodes at night. Running out of water on Gunsmoke, apparently, is a thing. So now, it’s a thing for us on our motorcycle rides.

You see, we’re married. If it’s a thing for Jeff, it’s now a thing for me. It was in our vows.

Here’s a photo of me on the ride before I knew about the emergency water:

Pamo is clueless about emergency water in this photo.

Pamo is clueless about emergency water in this photo. She is smiling, unaware.

Here’s a photo of Jeff after I drank the emergency water:

Despite our beautiful surroundings, Jeff finds it hard to smile.

Despite our beautiful surroundings, Jeff finds it hard to smile. He is still mad Pamo drank the emergency water.

And here is a photo of me about an hour later. You can see the puzzled look behind my smile:

Pamo still trying to figure out when  emergency water became a thing.

Pamo still trying to figure out when emergency water became a thing.

So FINALLY, we get to our next stop where we replenish the emergency water. This makes both of us very happy.

Yay! Thank heavens we now have emergency water!

Yay! Thank heavens we now have emergency water!

After our Day Rides, we always do a wrap up video. As part of that wrap up, we discuss our favorite thing from the ride. Jeff still hasn’t let the emergency water saga go:

So now you know. Emergency water is a thing.

Until next toon,