7-31-14 A

Yay! A very happy ending! A kiss with hearts was Jeff’s suggestion. Can you believe that? He has a real sweet spot. Don’t tell anyone.

If you don’t get the top two panels, check out the start of the story by clicking HERE.

You can also see the entire twelve pages of the story presented HERE.

I hope all of you have had a wonderful July. Thank you for following along as I introduced Clarence the Clown. Pamo learned about clowns and managed to find a new friend. I had a great July and all of us here at Pamo’s World are ready for August. August will be a Comics Journal Extravaganza! (I’ll explain more on Monday.)

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7-28-14 A

7-28-14 B

My favorite thing in this whole story I’ve drawn throughout July is the Clown Car. I want one!

Obviously I’m busy tying up some loose ends. The first page today references kindred spirits and the original mention was in the July 10th comic HERE. Today, Peepers makes it clear that Pamo and Clarence the Clown are wearing the same outfit, except of course, the hat.

As Tame, of Comx Box Comics, said to me in an introductory email- don’t be mad at the clown, it’s in his nature. I loved that analysis! And that was exactly how I felt about Clarence as well. He’s just gonna do things like trip an unsuspecting Pamo and hand her exploding chocolate.

Indeed, Clarence is now a new character for Pamo’s World. No word on when he’ll reappear, but he’ll be back in the mix eventually.

The final comic of this storyline will be on Thursday, the last day of July. I’ll wrap it all up then and August will begin anew. (I’ve got more stuff I want to draw about Jeff. Haha!)

Have a terrific week and I’ll see you in a few days!

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Pamo doesn’t take Peepers seriously. She knows he’s just trying to lighten the mood and pull out something positive. It’s a tough roll to be in- on the sideline of watching someone else struggle.

Next week I’ll be wrapping up this storyline about Pamo and chocolate and a clown. Then in August, Jeff will be back along with the other boys. Yay!

Have a terrific weekend everyone. Thanks for following along. I appreciate all of you.

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Jeff and I were watching an old Gunsmoke- a half hour black and white show from season three. Marshall Dillon was breaking up a fight in the bar and Miss Kitty didn’t approve of the way he handled it. She said, “Yer a slow learner Matt.”

Jeff paused the video and said, “That’s your line.”

You see, we had been debating the final line of this comic for days. He wanted Peepers to say, “What an idiot,” which I didn’t like. And I wanted Peepers to say, “Looks like Pamo needs to read Idiots Guide to Sneaky Clowns,” which Jeff didn’t like. Now then, I have the final say but I wholeheartedly agreed that the slow learner line was just right.

In many ways, cartoon Pamo is a slow learner. She’s gullible and trusts too willingly. Even Peepers sees this one coming!

Well, the month of Pamo continues but we are heading down the home stretch. Just three more comics to wrap up this storyline. Just three more comics to see if Pamo is able to keep her positive attitude. Will Peepers step up and help? Will Pamo get to have some chocolate? You’ll have to stay tooned!

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Pamo gets no respect! Maybe if she didn’t make everything look so funny, she could get a “How are ya?”

Poor Pamo trying to be positive but life and stuff just keeps stepping in her way.

What will Pamo do? Will she let bygones be bygones or will recent events drag her down? You’ll have to stay tooned! The month of Pamo continues next week!

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