This comic, my friends, is a true story! When Jeff made that comment, this comic wrote itself.

And this is my first post in almost a month. Thank you for getting through the move with me and for those of you following along in RSS… thanks for putting up with the jumble of feeds. I’ve got it sorted now and learned a ton about file systems on servers.

Unfortunately, I’ve lost an entire email list from a Google Feedburner account… so if you happen along and didn’t get this post via email… then just subscribe HERE.

Bunker, tattoo artist, and Jeff in 2012.

Bunker, tattoo artist, and Jeff in 2012.

Lastly, I’d like to link you to a blog post of an amazing woman who writes beautifully. I first met her through her book The Mom Who Took Off On Her Motorcycle. I started reading her blog and have been continually inspired by her story. She has another book coming out this year. Here is a blog post she wrote about never giving up: HOW TO BEAT WRITER’S BLOCK

Until next toon,