Drawn February 2011

Drawn February 2011

I drew this comic in February 2011. It was Jeff’s idea. Ahem….

As I recall, at the time, we were both using the phrase “put it on the back burner” to a ridiculous degree. We were saying things like, “back burner it” and “B.B.”

We finally burned out on back burner. I guess you could say we put the phrase on the back burner. (This stuff just comes out you know.)

Anyhoo…. as usually happens this time of year, my schedule has magnified and my time for projects is limited. So Pamo’s World blog will be going… you guessed it… on the back burner.

In the meantime, I’d like to direct you to three blogs that show no signs of going on the back burner.

First up is O’Totsy by Totsy Mae. Totsy Mae is one of those talented people who can draw and write and is amazingly funny. Be sure to check her E-Zine by CLICKING HERE. She recently drew a comic that I had the honor to write. You can see that HERE. O’Totsy- one of my favorites!

Second up is Charlie and the Ghost by Robert Shauf. Rob has recently switched from daily comics to a longer form graphic novel that he posts on Monday and Thursday. I’m hooked by his story already! Be sure to check him out by CLICKING HERE.

Finally, if you need a daily fix of witty, clean, clever comics be sure to visit Paul White at White Outs by CLICKING HERE. He says so much with so little.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season!

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Drawn September 2012

Artistic License 2012

I drew this comic in August 2012 and it is still one of my personal favorites. It’s just so PAMO to think that an actual license is needed to make art.

Fortunately, I am reminded daily that the only requirement to renew ones artistic license is a desire to keep an open mind and to create art you love. (Or to take goofy photos of someone you love.)

Jeff goofing in PJ's.

Jeff goofing in PJ’s.

That photo was a shameless ploy to make you laugh. I know it worked. You’re giggling right now. Onward….

Brad Perri, creator of Pirate Mike, just published a blog post about being free artistically speaking. You can view that post by CLICKING HERE. Plus, Brad openly shares his ongoing drive to create and the struggles that ensue in his series called Tweaky Tuesday’s. Be sure to check out his most recent Tweaky Tuesday by CLICKING HERE.

Then in a moment of TOTAL BRILLIANCE, Daniel Nest of Nest-Expressed drew his first (and he claims only) webcomic EVER! You can view his webcomic by CLICKING HERE. I personally think Daniel’s first ever webcomic was funny and a great slice of life. I sure hope you do more Daniel. I’m a fan already!

And for my final mention today, there is Patricia Gaignant of Recliner Art. I have been following Patricia’s “i-Pat” art for the past four years. She creates still life’s, portraiture, on site sketches, comics and more. Pat is probably one of the most prolific artists on the web. She never slows down and never looks back. (I think she drinks TONS of coffee too.) Be sure to check out her blog by CLICKING HERE. Just watch out though… she’ll make you want to create art on an i-Pad.

As for me, I’m making some changes in my artistic process. I’ve got a renewed license in my hand and a zip in my step. (Or it could just be the tons of coffee I drink.) To discover what I mean, you’ll just have to…

Stay tooned!



Ad Cartoon

We opened our store, Biker Rags, in November 1994.

Jeff and I opened our store, Biker Rags, in November 1994. We just celebrated our twenty year anniversary.

Of course, we had a huge celebration this past weekend! On Saturday, we had FREE GIVEAWAY SATURDAY where we gave out Biker Rags stash, gift certificates, and coupons. We also served free pizza. Our guests ate thirty large pizzas in about an hour! Everyone sure seemed to have a great time and we were honored to have you all at our big Saturday party.

Then on Sunday, November 9th, we continued the celebration with a HUGE block party. We had a motorcycle swap meet and bike show plus a hot rod swap meet and car show. Barillaro Speed Emporium, Gene’s Hot Rods, and Willis Cycle Works all opened up their doors on a Sunday to help us celebrate! We’ve decided we need to change the name of the Biker Rags shopping center to Gear Head Park. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Anyway, it’s late Sunday night as I prepare this blog post and I’m worn out from a weekend full of people and fun. So instead of rambling on I’ll post some photos from the day. Thanks again to everyone who joined in our twenty year celebration! It is because of all of you, our customers, that we’ve been able to have our business these past two decades. Without further ado, here are the photos. Enjoy!

A11-9-14-1 A11-9-14-2 A11-9-14-3 A11-9-14-4 A11-9-14-5 A11-9-14-6 A11-9-14-7 A11-9-14-8 A11-9-14-9 A11-9-14-10 A11-9-14-11 A11-9-14-12 A11-9-14-13 A11-9-14-14 A11-9-14-15 A11-9-14-16 A11-9-14-17 A11-9-14-18 A11-9-14-19 A11-9-14-20 A11-9-14-21 A11-9-14-22 A11-9-14-23 A11-9-14-24 A11-9-14-25 A11-9-14-26 A11-9-14-27 A11-9-14-28 A11-9-14-29 A11-9-14-30 A11-9-14-31 A11-9-14-32 A11-9-14-33 A11-9-14-34


Pamo Suffer 1

Pamo Suffer 2

Pamo Suffer 3

Pamo Suffer 4

The above comic is one of the first comics I ever drew. While it would be tempting to tell you I drew it when I was child, the truth is, I drew it just five years ago. The naive outsider art quality, while pleasant, wasn’t intentional. It was just where I was at in my drawing ability.

Five years later, I believe my drawing ability has improved substantially but I’d be lying if I said I was satisfied.

Fortunately in creating comics, the effectiveness of the work doesn’t depend solely on the art. In fact, some comics creators adopt an naive, childlike style on purpose. Check out Georgia Dunn’s BREAKING CAT NEWS by clicking HERE. Her strip is hilarious and her drawing style perfectly matches the tone of her comic.

A few months ago, I met another budding comics creator, Japheth Golen, who has a series called The Dinner Diner. Japheth’s comic is inspired by his sixteen year career in the food industry. You can see his comics and other art ideas by clicking HERE.

I love Japheth’s simple line drawing style and that his comics are just so darned funny! He drew a comic this week that featured Jeff and Pamo of Pamo’s World. Jeff and I do restaurant visits during our motorcycle adventure rides and post them on our business blog- so this comic really hit home. He said I could re-post his comic on my blog. Here it is:


Since Japheth was kind enough to let me post his comic, I’m taking quadruple advantage and posting a series of his Dinner Diner comics. I think you’ll agree that these are real gems!

Thank you Japheth for allowing me to share your work and for including Pamo’s World in one of your comics! I really enjoy your work and look forward to seeing a long running Dinner Diner series.

Now wasn’t that just a whole post full of fun?! I think so too! I’ll have a brand new Pamo’s World comic up on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!

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When I drew this journal comic awhile back, Jeff didn’t like the last panel. “What is silly string? No one will know what you mean.”

For a few minutes, I obsessed over how to change the last panel, which is my personal favorite panel of the entire comic. And then it hit me… changing my personal favorite panel because Jeff didn’t like it, was me reenacting the comic in real life!

What’s up with that?

I came to my senses. “Most people will get it.”

Jeff shrugged his shoulders and went back to reading the catalog in his lap.

I believe that in order to develop an individual artistic voice, one’s emotional need for approval must be set aside, isolated in fact, from the work itself. For me, that is easier said than done.

Does this mean in the process of finding my artistic voice that I’ll create shocking comics which spark controversy and inflame viewers? Doubtful. Finding ones artistic voice doesn’t necessitate changing core values or artistic aesthetic. It simply means taking responsibility for the final outcome.

Until next toon,